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Our Services

For Individuals

We all bring our unresolved issues from our past into our adulthood. These blocks create obstacles to our individual success and happiness. There is an infinite number of issues that can be raised in therapy. The goal of the therapy is to help you achieve your own goals and feel free of issues by which you feel burdened. We have studied and integrated theories and practice methods of many leaders in the field of individual counseling. Our Mars & Venus training has added numerous tools in helping one overcome his/her blocks to success and happiness.

For Couples

At the Mars & Venus Counseling Center, we use the book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus as the basic premise and guidance for couples work. Dr. John Gray has developed a complete clinical approach to couples counseling that integrates all of his ideas. This is the systematic approach used here, as taught and licensed by Dr. John Gray. You will learn how to understand, respect, and honor the differences between yourself and your partner. You will learn what your needs are, as well as your partner’s, and how to meet them. Another major aspect of healing and growing a relationship is improving communicative skills.

In addition to Dr. John Gray’s school of thought, our therapists will employ elements from a range of therapeutic techniques and leaders in the field of counseling, with the goal of establishing a course that is personally tailored to you and your specific needs.

For Child and Adolescent Counseling

We provide specialized, compassionate and professional services with expertise in varying symptoms and diagnosis for children and adolescents. Some areas of concern might be behavioral problems, low self-esteem, hyperactivity, school problems, depression or adjustment and coping troubles

Telephone/Live Video/Long Distance Counseling

Special circumstances can make telephone counseling perfect for you. Many people maintain a very difficult schedule or travel frequently. Some have difficulties with child-care issues. Illness or disabilities can limit mobility. Others may not be fortunate to have a trained full service counseling center conveniently located near them. Telephone Counseling/Live Video is very effective.