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Child, Teen and Family Therapy

New Jersey Centers for Counseling offers individual specialized counseling services with expertise in varying symptoms and diagnosis to meet the needs of young people.  Children and adolescents may experience emotional, psychological or social distress during this developmental period. This can be exhibited in behavioral problems, low self-esteem and depression, school problems, and hyperactivity to name a few.  Most parents admit that adolescence is a critical moment in their relationship with their children.  This is in part due to the increased knowledge teenagers have about the world and how people interact with each other, evidenced by their almost exclusive attention to peer group interactions.  This is also a time when flaws in authority figures and parents are felt deeply.  We tend to find individual child or adolescent therapy to be the intervention of choice.  Involvement of parents is talked about in the first session.  When possible, we try to facilitate a dialogue between you and you child.

Through family therapy, families or individuals within a family learn more effective ways to communicate with one another, learn different style of interacting, and how to resolve conflicts. This type of counseling may include all family members or just those most able to participate. The specific treatment plan will depend on a particular family's situation. You can use family therapy to address many specific issues such as communication problems, anger management, and conflict resolution.  Counseling can provide an objective third person to help negotiate difficult issues. Working with a therapist, you'll examine your family's ability to solve problems and express thoughts and emotions. You may explore family roles, rules and behavior patterns in order to identify issues that contribute to conflict, as well as ways to work through these issues. Family therapy may help you identify your family's strengths, such as caring for one another, and weaknesses, such as difficulty confiding in one another.