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Improving Communication

Topics include:

  • Communication: Understanding the differences between men and women in a positive way
  • Romance: Variations in scoring points with the opposite sex
  • Intimacy: How the past affects relationships utilizing the Feeling Letter Technique
  • Passion: Mars and Venus in the Bedroom includes an extremely funny and somewhat explicit video of Dr. John Gray talking about Martians and Venusians in the bedroom —does not include any in-class exercises or homework

What you will learn:

  • The differences between men and women in a positive way
  • Men will learn the power of listening
  • Heal and forgive past inner hurts
  • How to create better romance and sex in your relationship for a lifetime of passion and intimacy
  • How to communicate during difficult times
  • How you are very much like other couples
  • Men and caves, women and talking
  • Men will learn the importance of doing the little things
  • Women will learn how to fully appreciate their men
  • What your partner really needs

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