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Mars and Venus in the Workplace

You know that Mars & Venus can make a huge difference in relationships, so what can it do for your company, business, or corporation?

Results for Women:

  • Communicate with men so they want to hire you, promote you, or give you a raise
  • Communicate so that you are listened to, respected, and valued
  • Improve negotiation skills to get exactly what you want and deserve
  • Maximize career advancement and pass through the “glass ceiling”

Results for Men:

  • Maximize career advancement and capitalize on unseen opportunities by not inadvertently alienating women who are customers, partners, or managers
  • Communicate with women so that you are appreciated and trusted
  • Improve communication skills to better manage, lead, and sell to women
  • Improve productivity, teamwork, and morale

Results for Companies:

  • Maximize retention of valuable personnel and reduce costs of job turnover
  • Increase sales in female markets
  • Maximize the value and competitive edge of diversity
  • Enhance customer service
  • Reduce vulnerability to harassment complaints and law suits
  • Develop effective strategies to prevent and resolve gender-based conflict
  • Discover cultural differences that unintentionally create a “glass ceiling”

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